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Current Global Hindu Population:

(Based on a world Sanathana Dharma population of
1.0 Billion in 2006 with a growth rate of 1.4% / year)

Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism) is the OLDEST and 3rd largest religion in the world.*

It's actually a Dharma and means:

Eternal/Universal (Sanathana) Righteousness or Natural Way (DHARMA).

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Dharma is a family containing 4 spiritual systems.

The approximate population of the OTHER THREE DHARMAs are:
1) Bauddha Dharma (Buddhism): 1.0 Billion growing at 0.7% per year
2) Shishya Dharma (Sikhism): 28 million growing at 1.7% per year
3) Jaina Dharma (Jainism): 10 million growing at 1.0% per year

*Non-Dharmic religions:
1) Christianity: 2.1 Billion (in 2006) growing 0.8% per year
2) Islam: 1.6 Billion (in 2006) growing 1.9% per year

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