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This website is a testament to the rapidly emerging revival of Sanatana Dharma ("Hindu-ism") based upon a new study and realization of Dharmic Classical literature.

We are today standing at a momentus period in history where world order can change rapidly and long held beliefs are increasingly dropped abruptly based upon new conditions.

It is in this environment that many Dharmins (Hindus) around the world are simultaneously reevaluating their religion and taking a fresh look at the Indian classics. This investigation is turning into a movement that will likely not only result in the reform and rejuvination of Sanatana Dharma, but also have a lasting effect upon religious and secular culture worldwide.

We implore you to spend some time at this site: study the Royal Chronology (India Timeline), the Dharmic Reformation ideas, Puja and Samskara reference material and most of all, the bold new ideas of this Dharmic Renaissance.

Vishva Dharma ki Jay! (Victory to Universal Dharma!)

If you have any ideas/suggestions, please share them with us by clicking on the 'Contact Us' link at the left. 

Thank you!

- The New Dharma Team


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